Conditioning Plans

Aktivitus is owned and operated by Mattias Lundqvist and Sara Danielson. We race, both at the elite level and have done so since 1997. Sara runs only Mountain Bike (MTB), Mattias run both road (LVG) and MTB. Sara finished 2nd in the Swedish XC MTB Cup in 2005. She also has two NM bronze, a bronze SM and around 60 victories overall in the individual MTB competitions. Mattias has many victories in the elite class on both road and mountain biking. During the winter we train ourselves between 20 and 40 hours per week.

Mattias is a trained wellness and sports educator specializing in sports psychology (file. Laws.) and Sara are nearing completion nurse.

We know how it feels to work out, we can put up a training program, we know what works for almost 10 years as an elite bikers and we know how cycling works. You are conditioned athletes in another sport or just looking to improve your general fitness / strength, we can also help you.

There are several places in Sweden where you can test your fitness and lactic acid but Aktivitus strength is where we give you a complete solution where we tailor. Your personal training plans according to your test values.

Whether you are betting on an elite career or if you train to do well so you probably want to get the most out of your training. We help you with this and probably you will notice that the training will be both more comfortable and more fun with a little thought and planning behind!

Note that you can get help with training tips without having to do a maximal exercise stress test. We can by measurement of lactic acid in the low and medium intensity provide the advice you need and the enthusiast.

Examples of results of two of Aktivitus clients have achieved after 3 months of training here.

Why measure lactic?
Heart rate and lactic acid formation are the only objective and measurable practical references you can get on your efficiency-ability.

To optimize each individual’s training, using objective data such as lactic acid levels, means that you get 100% of their training.

Continuous training and follow-up lens provides knowledge of how the body reacts to training and guidance on the intensity levels you should be on the training.

Lactic acid concentration in the blood provides an accurate picture of how the body responds to physical stress.

Lactic acid is also commonly referred to lactate.

Examples of differences between individuals, please note that these may have the same VO2max but completely different performance and endurance in reality dependent on the lactate concentration in the blood.

We can help you lower your lactate levels through carefully planned exercise, often far less intense than what you usually think necessary. End of the taste of blood and vertigo!


VO2Max measured by a load test (Watts) on a bicycle ergometer, so-called ramp test.

Measuring the time to exhaustion.

Measurement of aerobic and anaerobic laktattröskel and recovery by blood tests and analysis.

Measuring maximum lactate concentration.

Measuring the ratio of pulse / power from the start to the end point of the test was 5 seconds.


Graphic representation of the heart rate, power, and lactate levels.

Pulse values in aerobic and anaerobic threshold is determined.

Values for load (watts) at aerobic and anaerobic threshold is given.

Values of VO2 Max and laktattröskeleffekt in relation to body weight is given. Ie test value in everyday speech.

Graphical summary of lactate, aerobic and anaerobic threshold, maximum load (watt / kg), maximum lactate, time to fatigue, heart rate and lactate at 160 watts.

Training Structure

On the basis of results, training background, goals, strengths / weaknesses, time available and possible forms of training are given an exercise program.

The program is offered on a weekly basis where the individual can distribute sessions by time and objective.

Suitable forms of exercise and intensity levels and the allocation of these are given to achieve an optimal balance between training load and rest.

The program is offered in three-month intervals. Thereafter, the new test / assessment be made and new program design. All to achieve optimal increase in training load, which in turn provides increased performance.
Do you want to lose weight, we can help you with this. Tips on proper nutrition for You is given.