24 Hour Mountain Biking

Sleepless in Rudan 2004

Now Sleepless in Rudan is a 24 hour race. After you are finished it takes several weeks before the body starts to feel like before again and you think it was worth the pain and the mental meltdown.  That means you accomplished something not many other people will when you ride a 24-hour race on the Mountain.

I would like to say a big thank you to my sponsors, the race organizer, Ramona, who helped me with the service, my club Mölndals CK and all other participants lined up on this extremely successful event.

I think this competition will grow properly into next year and then everyone will be really happy. I’m hoping to get some sports betting sites to set lines on the action.  I am thinking mainly of increased cooperation with sponsors who appreciate the 24-hour races. Properly with goods prices in all classes and the biggest prize money in MTB Sweden to the winners of teams and solo classes.

Hope you had as much fun as me and we’ll see you in 2005.

Some issues FAQ about the 24 hour Mountain Bike

I ride in 24 hours Mountain bike races because it is the most extreme form of XC Mountain biking available. No other mountain bike race equally demands so much on endurance, psyche, equipment, planning, sports drinks / energy bars and madness! To explore the limits of what is possible is something that everyone should do, otherwise just do not know what you are capable of. Some say that I am a masochist, all endurance sports at elite level torment themselves daily, so of course we are masochists, but we feel good doing it, it’s that simple.

How hard is it to mountain biking for 24 hours nonstop? I’ve never done something more physically challenging, for sure. However, it is harder to be sick and not able to practice. So it’s harder not to have / be able to ride a bike than riding mountain bike 24 hours nonstop, sounds a little crazy perhaps, but sensible in my ears.

The feeling in the body during a 24 hour race? At the beginning feel the whole body refreshed. When not running at maximum speed, and try to stay below the anaerobic threshold so it’s not as taxing on the legs. You just have to be better trained so that even the threshold speed is so high that you are running away from competitor engines. I drive 7 hours long training rounds, the first four hours does not feel so much, either physically or mentally.

After about 12 hours it starts to happen in the body, the speed starts to drop. By now it is about you have got stomach like state so that you can get me as much energy as you do with. Being in the energy and fluid balance is as important as being the best trained.