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Can The New England Patriots Return To Super Bowl ?

Let’s all be honest, love them or hate them you had to be impressed with the comeback that the New England Patriots put on in Super Bowl LI. With that victory, the Patriots sealed their place in history as one of the best teams of all time. Tom Brady and the rest of the team came from odds that many said were impossible and beat the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots have proven that they are a tough team to keep down, even with Tom on the bench for the first four games of the season the team found a way to win. Now that the impossible has been accomplished, the question is to be asked, can the New England Patriots return to the Super Bowl?

Tom Brady
This is a man that if he does not retire in the off season will more likely than not be going into his final season. After all, he is going into his 16th season as a Patriot after being drafted in the 6th round by New England. This just goes to prove that even if you don’t get drafted in the first round, then you can still be a successful player in the NFL. Yes there have been a few controversies that have followed Brady, there is no doubt that he will go into the Hall of Fame in the first attempt. If he does come back for another season, then this will be his last or at least it should be.

Ron Gronkowski
Gronk had to sit out a good portion of 2016 and that led to the Patriots proving that he is not the sole reason that the team has had so much success. Expect to see him back in the lineup in 2017 and him still being a powerful force for the Patriots. He is a joy to watch on the field and his off-field antics have proven to be just as exciting as well. He will without a doubt put up a good amount of numbers this season and will strengthen what is already a strong line for the upcoming season.

Julian Edelman
For anyone that has been living under a rock the last few years, Edelman is one of the key running backs that the Patriots have to rely on. When he gets the ball, he makes big plays happen and if he can’t he makes the efforts look awesome in the process. Look for him to have another banner year and if he does, then the Patriots will be a hard team to beat.

Looking at the rest of the team, there are a number of other players that will still have an impact in the Patriots lineup. With the upcoming draft later this year, it is expected that the team will pick up some good picks that if not this year in the next couple will provide a strong lineup for them. One of the men that the Patriots are hoping to be able to keep around is that of Chris Long. If the name does not ring a bell, then his father Howie Long may be a little more recognizable. The Patriots will need to make sure that they secure him and that he does not sign with another team, though it does not seem that he will be in a hurry to leave New England.

All in all, it looks that the Patriots are set to run a strong season and again be a contender for the playoffs. This run is very well going to lead to another Super Bowl title run. That is something that we can all agree on.

Magic Johnson Is Back With The Lakers

Magic Johnson Named As Advisor For The Lakers Franchise 
It looks to be official, Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson have made a deal to have the hall of famer return to the Lakers franchise. Because of this, i foresee many changes to come.

Johnson’s return to the Lakers occured this past Thursday and it was announced that his role will be as Buss’s advisor. In my opinion, this will be the beginning of many changes needed for the team to bounce back from the many failures the team has endured.

I hate to say it, but ever since Jerry Buss’s death, the Lakers lost their magical feel, until now. Johmson’s return will be nothing short of magic and i’m pretty sure he will have a few tricks up his sleeve.

I guarantee that once Magic Johnson gets settled in, there will be magical changes throughout. This will include management, the roster and the way free-agency is handled. Heck, i wouldn’t doubt it if their franchise records also changed for the better too.

Sure, Johnson can be impulsive at times, maybe even reckless with his choice of words which caused him to relinquish his post as honorary vice president. That is something that i agreed with because he did confuse a lot of people after making statements.

No matter what, Johnson’s heart will always be a Laker. Whether it’s other business ventures he takes on, he always comes home to the Lakers. Though i don’t see him as being the answer to many problems that the Lakers face, i don’t have a doubt that he’ll know where to look for it and condition it to meet the needs of the Lakers franchise.

I can tell you right now, Jeanie Buss has big problems right now. Luckily for her, Magic Johnson has no problem being willing to help fix them. I just hope Johnson is able to reverse the negative perception of the Lakers. It’s obvious that Buss no longer wants to own a losing team so hopefully Magic can turn it around with a strengthening touch.

Jeanie Buss has even been pondering about cleaning up the front office a bit. This relates well with Spring just around the corner so Lakers fans should be preparing to chirp soon.

In a recent statement by Jeanie Buss she stated her honor and praise for the addition of Magic Johnson’s abilities and expertise stating, “The franchise is proud to add the services of Magic Johnson, working side by side will be a great honor.”

What that tells me is that she will be the only executive to be working with him and not her brother.

The funny thing also is the timing of Johnson’s return happens to have accelerated Jim Buss’ final days as the Lakers basketball operations executive. With the timeline running out this summer that Jim gave his family, i never would have thought that he would last to see the season’s final days.

With Mike D’Antoni and Mike Brown’s hiring, along with the unwillingness to rehire Phil Jackson, things can add up quickly. This includes the Lakers free-agency strategies and inability to acquire great talent that can start the change.

It’s nice to see that Jim Buss will be out of the picture and just enjoying his life as an owner. That way Jeanie Buss doesn’t get dirty in her attempt to make him leave. Magic Johnson will be able to convince him that things will change for the better without him.

Believe me, Johnson will make it happen too,

In my opinion, Magic could have succeeded on more than one occasion in the past. This is well documented through the many times Magic ripped into Jim through social media, radio and television.