About Mattias

I run Mountain Biking Cross-Country (XC) on a professional basis, live in Gothenburg and compete for Ck Cyclesport. 2006 will be my tenth season as a cyclist at the elite level and hopefully my best.

Mountain biking is an extreme sport in many ways, it is extremely physically exhausting and makes great demands on endurance. The ability to concentrate despite total exhaustion is incredibly important when the speed is often high and the terrain technically difficult and very hilly.

Extreme demands are also placed on materials in that I race off road, mud, dirt and trackless terrain are hard on equipment. Finally, at the elite level you need good track of nutritional intake, both food and drink, as well as rest and relaxation.

My qualities as a mountain biker are my will, my workout joy, my speed, my theoretical knowledge and finally my perseverance that made me the best in Sweden.

2006, I will also run more road than previous seasons in which I now have a team to drive for Team Cyclesport. It will be really fun at show what you can do on asphalt too!

Name: Mattias Lundqvist

Profession: Cyclist / self-employed

Lives: Gothenburg

Competing for: Team Cyclesport.se

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Maximum heart rate: 187

Pulse: 36

Lactate at 160 Watt: 0.8 mmol / l

Lactate at 240 Watt: 1.1 mmol / l

Pulse at 160 Watt: 106 bpm

Threshold Power: 380 watts

Threshold Effect watts / kg: 5.67

Maxwatt: 496

Max watts per kilogram: 7.4

Maxlaktat: 17.1 mmol / l

Training Hours per year: 900

Active years: 10

Run in the Forest: Turner Nitrous with SRAM X.O, Fox RP3, Truative Stylo Carbon, Hayes El Camino, Bontrager Race X Lite, Rock Shox SID WC, Control Tech, Hutchinson, eggbeater 4Ti.

Driving on the road: Fiat Ulysse 2.2 JTD, Look 555

Eats: Everything I like

Drinking Water, wine and milk.

Trains: On asphalt, the woods, the test cycle, in French, on steep slopes, in the long runs, driving fast, to make the perfect espresso.

Strength: All-round, in both MTB and LVG

Competition Branches: Mountain XC, 24-hour MTB and Road.

Weakness: It is very easy to take on too much work and I can’t do anything half way.

In his spare time: I work with my sponsors and helps athletes with the fitness tests and training schedules.

Funniest workout: A passport in the woods on mountain bikes with natural intervals or on a sunny 18-mile walk in the hills above Nice in France.

Main workouts: long quiet spell, tough lagtempo training on the road, resistance training on low cadence of the slopes, as well as watts and lactate interval training on the test cycle.

Motto: Taking care of my time and always try to be humble and responsive.

Training Philosophy

My training is based very much during the winter at a distance workout, running, cycle and explosive strength training. Distance sessions are during the winter between 3 and 7 hours and a seasonal maximum of 5 hours. Strength Intervals I drive in the spring in the hills and each interval is 10 minutes. Cadence must be between 40 and 50, pulse 5 strokes below the threshold. Long active rest between each interval, at least 15 minutes. Several passport just before the season consists of the initial 2 hours distance off, followed by 5-8 three 10-minute strength intervals with 40-50 cadence and heart rate around 120 with 15 minutes of rest between each interval. Terminates the session with 2 hours of training in remote speed. These workouts I experience as very tough, and they are the foundation of the training period that is most consuming and voluminous during winter / spring. Furthermore, I often drive long-watt intervals based on the test cycle, then I lie just below 4 mmol in 3 x 20 minutes and always keeps constant load.

I have a training plan based on the tests measuring lactate at different intensities. During November-January I run eight sessions a week with a rest day. There will be two passes of the trainer / cycle, 2 distance workouts, 2 Running workout and 2 strength training workouts at the gym. When I run the trainer in the evening so I always run remotely or when running in the morning. Some weeks, training volume is a little less to give the body the chance to recover. In the period from February to April I run between 25 and 40 hours a week, divided into 5-6 sessions a week.

Mountain biking is a fitness sport with high demands on endurance, to be really good at this and be able to compete internationally must undergo many years of hard training, to invest long term, then, A and O.

Since I am a full time cyclist, I get good quality of my recovery, I control my time myself and everything I do is aimed at becoming a better cyclist. The time did not take the training devoted to the care of the equipment, stretching, rest, food, and work with my company, Aktivitus.

Who is Mattias?
I am also in addition cyclist University Educated Sports and Wellness Educator with sports psychology focus (4.5 years).