Nordnet is an Internet broker where the core business is securities trading via the Internet. The customer’s securities account is in the center and a wide range of services related to securities trading offered to create the maximum benefit and convenience for the customer. Nordnet’s services are complete and allow clients to make better business in a convenient, user-friendly and simple way.

Nordnet AB is quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O-list. The subsidiary Nordnet Securities Bank AB is an Internet broker and member of the Stockholm Stock Exchange, Oslo Stock Exchange and the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The subsidiary Eurotrade Securities S.A. is a Discount Broker and offers Internet Intermediary and personal brokerage service in Luxembourg. The subsidiary Nordnet Insurance Broker mediates property insurance. Internet broker Aktiedirekt offers the market’s lowest minimum commission 9 kr.


Thule develops, manufactures and markets stylish, secure and user-friendly load carrier for cars, including roof racks, roof boxes, bike and ski racks and holders for water sports equipment. In short, we make it easy to bring everything needed for an active life. Innovation, working closely with the world’s leading car / sports equipment manufacturers and a global presence in all major markets, has helped us become the world leader in our industry.

Our load carrier fits more than 1500 models, and we have over 250 patents on load carriers and accessories. To live up to the rules, safety standards and our own very high standards, quality standards, we use the latest technology in the development, testing and manufacturing.

A product bearing the Thule name must be strong enough to withstand extensive testing. You can be sure that we were turning, breaking, cool, heat, shaking more equipment than you will ever make. We have the experience of all the outdoor and sports activities where our products are used. In addition, we let elitidtrottare use our products and test them further.


Greatly simplified Crafts is a sweaty business history. Since 1977, we have worked hard to create an ideal microclimate (heat and air circulation conditions closest to the body), for people in both elite sports as leisure activities. The aim is not to sweat more than necessary (due to incorrect, tight clothing) when fluid loss means decreased performance, and the removal of the moisture still formed from the skin, where it causes discomfort, frequent pores and increased body heat.

We talked about functional clothing long before the term became widely recognized and the Craft Principle, our way of emphasizing our material functions used today even by our competitors in lightly revised versions.

The base of the Craft’s product range is also the basis of the functional upholstery; undergarment. Our unique polyester fabric, which transports moisture away from the body and ensures good ventilation, have gradually developed, improved and adapted for many different uses. When we present our products seasonally require our underwear a lot own directory.